Drunk Gloryhole - Horny mom sucks cock
Hi! My name is Clive, and I own this bar. Nice, huh? I noticed this gloryhole between the toilet stalls before I bought it, and I had an idea about setting up a video camera and taping all those drunk babes sealing their lips around hard cocks! I figured I should lay this material out for you on the Web, because gloryholes are a bomb, and everyone has to know about it!
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For those not in the know, a gloryhole is a hole made on the hip-high level between toilet stalls in bars, video booths 
in adult bookstores or at any sort of place where holes may be good for a dick to fit in. Got hard cock? Stick it in, 
fella! You can always be sure you'll find a volunteer with an obliging mouth on the other side. No strings attached,
 mate, and yes, 100% anonymous, too!

Being a bartender sure has advantages. You spot a hot young babe, serve her a nice drink on the house-and 
she's yours! The only question is-where do you fuck that teen cunt? Well listen here, I ain't got no problem with
 that, either! I fuck those whores through gloryholes!