Warranty & Returns


3-Month Warranty
Rictor offers a 3- month warranty which covers manufacturing defects under normal use for 90 days from the original purchase price.
The warranty does not cover certain situations, including, but not limited to, the following:

Please keep the warranty card and invoice as evidence.
We will follow-up with the above items to ensure the device was not damaged through improper use or storage.

If you have any questions regarding the warranty, please email info@rictor.com. Rictor’s Customer Service Team will work to determine the need for repair or replacement.


Returns and exchanges

2 Week Guarantee
Rictor will replace any product in the first two weeks after receipt of product. If the Rictor Customer Service Team determines that product replacement is the best path of action, a replacement will be sent within 14 days. The same exceptions from the Warranty apply to exchanges. A new warranty will be issued and sent with the replacement.
  1. If you need to return your product, email info@rictor.com for support.
  2. We will analyze the quality issues reported by the customer including the root cause, any corrective actions, expenses, responsibility, etc.
  3. We will repair or replace the unit if the customer has no objections to our analysis and its result.
  4. Please make sure to include your warranty card when you send in your product for exchange or return. 


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